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Loster in Space

richard_burkhart on 9. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Loster in Space
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  • mau 13.2.2017
    what about LOBSTER in space?
  • calm 13.2.2017
    Bringing back childhood memories! :-)
  • NeoChomik 11.2.2017
    Imagine if all those stars are not stars, but Dalleks

    oh wait, wrong show

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  • abrotons 10.2.2017
    he he
  • mau 10.2.2017
    that Galaxy quadrant should need some one-way routes, I fear.
  • mark_burkhart 10.2.2017
  • richard_burkhart 10.2.2017
  • OccamsRayzor 10.2.2017
    Danger, Will Robinson, DANGER!
  • richard_burkhart 10.2.2017
    That's it, go right for my childhood! Oww!
  • OccamsRayzor 10.2.2017
    Don - Yeah, I think I'll go "lose" myself in Judy's quarters, know what I'm sayin'?
    John - Dude! That's my daughter
    Don - Chill out man, we're both adults. You want to get bent out of shape, you might want to check why Will spends so much time with Doctor Smith.
    John - What the...?!

    To be concluded....
  • MadameCercle 9.2.2017
    Sûr !
  • Pen_alias 9.2.2017
    A lot of traffic for a quiet neighborhood.
  • craigdragon 9.2.2017
    Good move, Don!

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