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Who is god?

julian724 on 18. Jan, 2017 — Lang: English

Who is god?
  • This strip is a reply to SG Godlings



    Dear members of SG. In a comic soon I a going to be showing god, BUT it seems alot of SG comic strips take place in the same world/universe. So, I'd like to take a vote. What kind of god does the world of have?

    A. A harsh, judging, andgry god

    B. A forgiving, but stern 'new testamate' god

    D. More of a force, not a being with a face, but a personalityless power

    C. A kind, loving, motherly god

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  • NeoChomik 19.1.2017
    I personally think D is the most... fit
  • abrotons 18.1.2017
    replies are A and C
  • abrotons 18.1.2017
  • julian724 18.1.2017
    @richard but the thing is, the SG stories have crossed over so much and the main character is based off of me. So If 'I' was god then it would get confusing.
  • richard_burkhart 18.1.2017
    Not sure about the god of SG. I have to go with MadameCercle here, You are the driving force behind Your story.
  • A2H 18.1.2017
    D, the force.
  • Siaos 18.1.2017
    Why not all of them? A god that makes sense can feel less than.
  • MadameCercle 18.1.2017
    Ce ne peut-être que VOUS le vrai dieu de VOTRE histoire.
  • qenene 18.1.2017
    Absolute power leads to absolute tyranny, so God would be A.
  • mark_burkhart 18.1.2017
    E. ONE or more who are more into lightning bolts than people

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