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Thing about Jesto

NeoChomik on 13. Jan, 2017 — Lang: Polski

Thing about Jesto
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    there's more to him, i swear. He just tries to break the ice.



    Hello. I'm Jesto, or "that guy that appeared in SG Games few times". In upcoming days, or months, I will talk to you about ... well... myself.

    I may not be a randomly arranged bunch of shapes, but maybe i can woe you with my charm

    Who am I really? Well, that's really a tricky question. But let me give you some perspectives.

    At first glance i may look like a Deadpool wannabe. But i have more potential than that.

    I am a personification of a concept created by this fatso.


    I was wondering how can i describe to you what i am for a while and I think i got it.

    I AM A GOD!!

    I AM A GOD!!

    Well, kinda... I'm more of a Mega powered up Genie. I have power to do everything but i still have to follow a long list of rules.

    More about which, and possibly about why i have one eye diffrent than the other, next time! Now back to your random set of shapes!

    NeoChomik, The Author

    (Do not mistake with NeoChomik, the character)

    NeoChomik, Jesto
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  • MrTerrorKiller 24.11.2018
    Speaking to you from 2018 you do make it look effortless!
  • calm 1.2.2017
    Ah, ha!
    The things I am learning about your characters and YOU...the last 2 strips have given me a whole new view of you...the author!
    BTW ~ Gesundheit!
  • MadameCercle 16.1.2017
    Bien vu.
  • SkeletalMilk 15.1.2017
    Abstract became popular again? Lovely
  • NeoChomik 14.1.2017
    @Julian: Yes. it's my personal grudge against the Abstract art being popular on SG. But that's because i think a good story, or a pun beats pretty visuals... unless we talk about user that has both. then it's all good
  • cirkuz 14.1.2017
    not bad...
  • julian724 13.1.2017
    \/ Same, honestly for a while I've been impressed by Neo's art. I guess the way he makes his characters is different (using mostly circles and ovular shapes) But I've never been able to make my characters arms connect like that. :\
  • richard_burkhart 13.1.2017
    Dude! I love everything about your character design! You do arms and legs and action and emotion, and you make it all look so effortless. I'd go on, but I feel a huge nerd seizure coming on.

    PS~HUGE FAN if you haven't already figure that out. =)

    edited by owner

  • julian724 13.1.2017
    Is that random shapes thing about the artists that make "no title" and whatnot? I agree that gets annoying

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