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richard_burkhart on 11. Jan, 2017 — Lang: English

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    One of the things I really love about SG is looking for all of the jems that came before I even knew it existed. One of those is a talented writer/artist Benjamin895. I am incapable of duplicating him any more than I could paint a Rembrant. I only hope to have caputered some of the feel of Ant Hill. Respectfully,
    R. Burkhart

    This strip is a reply to Ant Hill: Page 11, Zeek 42




    Our heros suddenly find themselves in a totally alien world...

    What happened, Zeek? Where are we?

    What? Where?

    We are still in the generatrix, guys. This is one of the other strips our writer showed me when I was outside.

    This is the world of Ant Hill. A world created by the god Benjamin895

    I stopped here on the way back to our stip. I just wanted to visit this amazing place before I went home

    It's beautiful here but so quiet. Where is everyone?

    This strip is abandoned, Morph. If you look long enough, somewhere you will find a little blue ant named Eric and his snail friend Sabastian, forever frozen in their search for Eric's parents. It's really rather sad.

    In honor of one of the most amazing writer artists I never got to know. Benjamin895

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  • benjamin895 27.8.2017
    Gee mate this was unexpected. you've done a great job recreating this amazing world within a world. unfortunately i didnt have the time to finish this series.. but i hope to one day.

    thanks for the tribute i am honored:)

  • calm 24.1.2017
    Oh, I loved Benjamin895!!! What ever happened to him? Ant Hill! Perfect! I'll bet B895 would be pleased to see this! :-)
  • MadameCercle 15.1.2017
  • MadameCercle 15.1.2017
    - --- sûr !
  • abrotons 14.1.2017
    i want him back!!!
  • abrotons 14.1.2017
    he's a God over Gods
  • abrotons 14.1.2017
    I agree!! benjamin showed me the way!!
  • NeoChomik 13.1.2017
    Welp... you had my curiosity in the series
    NOW you have my attention
  • mark_burkhart 12.1.2017
    After I keel him...jk good strip bro. I'Ve read about the ant and snail

    edited by owner

  • A2H 12.1.2017
    It's cool you're paying respect to SG history... who knows, maybe you'll be the one being honoured in the future...
  • cirkuz 11.1.2017
    be yourself... sure he was good but he didnt stick it out...
  • EdWilder 11.1.2017
    Faved! Nice homage...
  • Pen_alias 11.1.2017
    Aardvarks may be lurking around the corner.
  • richard_burkhart 11.1.2017
    PS...I got some of the prep done faster than I expected, Abro.
  • richard_burkhart 11.1.2017
    I hope this is received in the spirit it is intended. I only feel respect for the SG community and the work everyone has done.

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