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...and you're chicken on top of the world.

Pen_alias on 7. Jan, 2017 — Lang: English

...and you're chicken on top of the world.
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    Did you know that if you live in the Midwest your chances of being eaten by a shark go down exponentially? Food for thought…



    I need some sun. Which way to the beach?

    There isn’t an ocean within a thousand miles of here in any direction.

    So you’re saying I’m going to need to cross the road?

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • JRMarklin 8.1.2017
    Sometimes you have to take a risk

    A veces, hay que asumir un riesgo
  • A2H 8.1.2017
    There probably will be at least one road, yes.
  • snakeoil 7.1.2017
    this is the reason why we eat them with 11 herbs and spices
  • cackle 7.1.2017
    Food for thought maybe thought for the food :^) :^)
  • NeoChomik 7.1.2017
    nah... ok... maybe...
  • Quag54 7.1.2017
    Oh no, not again. ;)

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