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What a lovely winter weather

NeoChomik on 5. Jan, 2017 — Lang: No text

What a lovely winter weather
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    Don't you agree?

    This strip is a reply to FREEZE!, Winter greetings
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  • MadameCercle 6.2.2017
  • craigdragon 5.2.2017
    I share this sentiment
  • calm 1.2.2017
    Looks like you could use a scarf! :-)
  • mark_burkhart 6.1.2017
    Glad I love in the desert
  • Elgar 6.1.2017
    It's quite cold, I do agree... but the worst thing is the freezing gale out there
  • richard_burkhart 5.1.2017
    We don't have that problem in Phoenix. I just ate vegetables from my sunny winter garden.

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