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By Train

craigdragon on 8. Dec, 2016 — Lang: No text

By Train
  • Description

    I made this strip yesterday in full color, but for some reason it did not fully load, so I thought I would try it with less elements and more color, so here goes.

    This strip is a reply to Under A Sky To Pass By
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  • snakeoil 24.7.2017
    I like the water effect!
  • cackle 23.1.2017
    Charachter & train seems to be goin successful
  • craigdragon 21.1.2017
    @Elgar: George Ezra rocks!
  • Elgar 21.1.2017
    Got the "Cassy O" vibes :D

    "Well, I traveled to Australia
    and I traveled there by train"
  • MadameCercle 25.12.2016
    * * *
  • Fabiolars 18.12.2016
  • Neinire 10.12.2016
    sad story
  • cirkuz 8.12.2016
    yeah if it loads really fast chances are it didn't load right...
    it good to check by opening another window to strip generator to see if it loaded...
  • abrotons 8.12.2016

    lately there are problems loading... you have to insist publishing...and there it is

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