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welcome to the village

Geoviking on 24. Nov, 2016 — Lang: English

welcome to the village
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    Inside the Snow Owl Pub,
    friends gather . . .

    I want to thank all of you
    for coming out for this
    memorial service --
    especially considering
    the snow storm that's
    going on out there.

    My grandfather wasn't just
    the mayor of our little
    village -- the leader of our
    community -- he was also
    our guiding star.

    The world has suddenly
    gotten a lot more scary.
    It'll be tough to get by
    without him, but we have
    to try. He'd want that.

    Oh! Hello there.
    You're new.

    Are you . . . visiting our
    village? Passing through?

    A little while later

    Um - hi - sorry.
    Thought I knew you.
    You look so familiar.

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