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Never buy sharp milk from a pizzaria...

anonymous on 21. Nov, 2016 — Lang: English

Never buy sharp milk from a pizzaria...
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    This is a very stabby comic strip that involves stabbing, death, sharp items, and stabbing. This is a must for all with a sense of humor.

    All the best,
    Pardon Fain and Child Byar (Purchusr)



    Hello, welcome to the pizzaria my name is Fred

    Oh, hello Fred uh can i have some ice cream please

    Im sorry mate but we only sell pizza here. We don't have any ice cream

    Oh alright then, i'll just have a chocolate milk. And make it sharp.

    That'll be 42 dollars.

    Sharp enough for you?

    Death, Pointy, Fred, 42 dollars, Sharp Milk, Lack of Pizza, Sword, Knife, Needle, Saw, Pitchfork
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