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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Chavo on 25. Sep, 2016 — Lang: English

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
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    For anyone that likes anime or not, this one will give you the feels. It's filled with friendships, secrets, drama, love, and just pure laughs. This anime is subtitled and dubbed (for those who don't read....)


    This strip is a reply to Another Chicken Joke



    Yuta Togashi just moved to a new school to start his high school life. In junior high, he suffered from a powerful force called "Chunibyo".


    Chunibyo is when a person refuses to grow up and creates a magical world of their own to escape reality.
    For Yuta that was him last year.....literally.

    Today will be a good day

    When Yuta is at school he meets a girl with the same condition he did, her name is Rikka Takanashi. He doesn't pay attention to her... untill she mentions his nick name "The Dark Flame Master"

    He decides to make sure she doesn't start rumors, but because of that he becomes close to her. Over time she starts to have feelings for him and.......
    Sorry no spoiling, JUST WATCH IT!!!


    love, chunibyo, delusions, romance, drama, comedy, high, school, high school, anime
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  • Quag54 29.4.2017
    No longer a link due to third party copyright infringements. Hmmmm...
  • mark_burkhart 1.2.2017
    At least you have a Plan, lol mine runs away wi5h me
  • Fizzle 8.10.2016

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