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let's toast

abrotons on 7. Sep, 2016 — Lang: Euskara

let's toast
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  • calm 2.5.2017
    Hi abrotons! Cheers! :-)

    Look below...Your strip brought Gelinho out to comment! I didn't recognize the name so I checked... He started in 2008, only published 11 strips...and he hasn't published anything since 2009. WOW! That was before I started. It's a sad comment---hope he doesn't now more than we do!
  • Gelinho 1.5.2017
    Um brinde ao futuro do SG! - portuguese

    don't see any future :(
  • abrotons 11.11.2016
    i'm a little drunken now!!
  • abrotons 11.11.2016
    this is getting better hehe
    11 commentators an 9 likes!!
    let's toast to it!
  • ziga 9.11.2016
    na zdravje strip generatorju - slovenian
  • abrotons 8.10.2016
    comment number ten
    let's toast, Richard
  • richard_burkhart 8.10.2016
    Too many years of fun and creativity with SG. (Sorry...monolingual here, and using a translator app would be cheating.)

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 22.9.2016
    jejeje JR!!
  • JRMarklin 21.9.2016
    Traditional Chinese
  • Fabiolars 10.9.2016
  • Siaos 10.9.2016
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @Veronique: salud, guapísima!
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @EdWilder: I'll drink too that to


    maybe I've mispelled this post
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @dibunt: mercès!
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @MadameCercle: santé!
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @Robukka... I knew from the first moment I was you who gave the first like to this strip! thanks
  • abrotons 9.9.2016
    @cirkuz: that's not a toast, it's a question!
    but I accept it as a toast!!
  • Robukka 9.9.2016
    sauna ilman SG on suihku :P
  • dibunt 8.9.2016
    Bon profit! :D
  • cirkuz 8.9.2016
    there's a future?

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