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Singing in the bathtub

dibunt on 3. Sep, 2016 — Lang: English

Singing in the bathtub
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    Aaaaaand here I am making my annual strip, haha! I should have made something related with Stripgenerator being at the end of its life, but.. I dunno, that's sad, too sad for me to make a comic about it, I rather draw happy things I guess. As always, hope you like it! ^^

    Btw, I wrote a song but it was too large to make it fit in. Let's see if you can guess the real name :D

    I'm washing my feet!
    I'm washing myyy feet!
    I've got in my eyes all the soap
    I'm not self satisfied, I don't need you
    GOD KNOWS! God knows I want my eyes clean!
    I'm washing 'em too!
    I'm washing 'eeeem too







    LA LAA!
    LA LAAA!!


    Thank you!

    Thank you

    singing, bathtub, dibunt, shower, soap, sing, theater
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  • MrTerrorKiller 31.10.2018
    My bro mention this, so I had to check it out. I'm Mark Brurkhart, Richards brother. Not the original Mr Terrorkiller
  • qenene 10.4.2017
    Segundo acto: cantando el Asturias patria querida en el bar.
  • dibunt 10.4.2017
    Aww guys, you're all so nice, thank you c:

    @chuloman Seh, no sé si tirar la joya al mar también xD
  • dogtrax 21.3.2017
    Nice setup there ...
  • richard_burkhart 22.2.2017
    Most likely still is.
  • julian724 22.2.2017
    WOW! This guy's art was amazing!
  • A2H 13.1.2017
    It's honestly amazing how good your strips are.
  • chuloman 10.11.2016
    Han pasado 84 años..
  • richard_burkhart 24.10.2016
    Very well done. Love it.
  • Siaos 9.9.2016
    Lol nicely done.
  • ourWorld_Online 8.9.2016
    Wow, this guy is smart.
  • MadameCercle 6.9.2016
    Si mélodieux.
  • dibunt 5.9.2016
    @Elgar Nope, that bathtub is really heavy to bring it around!
  • Elgar 5.9.2016
    This is great! :D Are you going to do a world tour?
  • abrotons 4.9.2016
  • dibunt 4.9.2016
    Aaallright I guess the song was too hard xD

    It was a version of "I want to break free" from Queen, if you sing it replacing the lyrics with the ones I made, it actually fits
  • firelordA2 4.9.2016
    welp I guess that's how people find their tallent - in the bathtub

    edited by owner

  • abrotons 4.9.2016
    anyone else is guessing what song it is?
  • stihl 4.9.2016
  • NeoChomik 4.9.2016
    even have a song at all.

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