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Chavo on 1. Sep, 2016 — Lang: English

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    Which team would you choose, and if you're already playing what team did you choose? The information I found were on official websites that studied players behavior based on the team they chose. Yes guy and gals, I did my homework, LOL.



    This is purely just for fun.
    If you get triggered easily i'd suggest that you exit this, turn off that computer, and get a life.....LOL sorry.
    I love Pokemon Go just for the fun of it. I don't favor any other teams, okay no hate here.

    Team Instinct (Yellow)

    - Rely on Instinct
    - Playing Style: Causal
    - Role: Underdogs
    Instinct players focus their efforts on helping others get better. They tend to rely on their gut and feelings when battling.

    Team Mystic (Blue)

    -Rely on Knowledge
    -Playing Style: Logical
    -Role: Brainiacs
    Mystic players focus their efforts to evolving and leveling up their pokemon. They rely on knowledge and learning when battling.

    Team Valor (Red)

    - Rely on Skill
    - Playing Style: Aggresive
    - Role: Achievers
    Valor players focus their efforts on being the best trainers and having bonds with their pokemon. They rely on strength and bravery when battling.

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  • Fizzle 12.9.2016
    When I started playing, the Mystic description caught my attention, but I liked yellow better so I just went with Instinct. :P
  • Quag54 2.9.2016
    I don't Pokemon go. I'm more into Pokémon stop.

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