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A Celebration

firelordA2 on 29. Aug, 2016 — Lang: English

A Celebration
  • This strip is a reply to FL_A2 A Challenged Fiery Artist, Out of Ideas



    YES!... YES!!!

    I've became featured artist!!

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~


    When FireLordA2 Gets The Featured Artist Just Right

    I guess burning everything was necessary

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~

    Again - thank you for the first time featured artist!

    atlast now it wont show that I never was a featured artist :D

    Well... when the site dies for realz, I'll miss it. I've spent like 7 years on it


    Let's PARTY!


    I'm not sure if water will help them out

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~

    ~ Le Featured Artist ~

    *Insert "celebrate good times" music*

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