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No Man's Sky (Info in desc.)

firelordA2 on 25. Aug, 2016 — Lang: No text

No Man's Sky (Info in desc.)
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    Sadly one of the overhyped games out there - No Man's Sky

    Pretty mutch this is an accurate artwork of how No Man's Sky looks like atm (except for the Atlas that is above ( you would see that only in space most likely ))

    This was based on my screenshot on my favorite planet I've visited while playing No Man's Sky ( I have pirated it though ) . The spaceship is actually the same one I actually have right now (I'll have to find a new one sadly and say goodbye to this one) and then when I took that screenshot.

    This whole thing took me two days to make and I tried being carefull with the Flash and I feel like I could of put something in this more, but I'm afraid about flash doing glitches incase if I would do that

    Hope you enjoyed ^^

    This strip is a reply to A Shield takes a hit!, No Man's Sky, No Man's Sky - Space scene
    FireLordA2, No, Mans, Sky, sci-f, anyone_there?, Game
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  • MadameCercle 1.12.2016
    Quelle affiche !
  • richard_burkhart 30.11.2016
    Very cool! The whole strip is cool, not just the ship.
  • Siaos 8.9.2016
    It's addictive. I'm already running out of cool names for things. Great work!
  • Fabiolars 27.8.2016
    Wow! Fantastic. Fav.
  • ourWorld_Online 27.8.2016
    This is absolutely gorgeous! Faving, for sure.
  • firelordA2 26.8.2016
    @thecomedyhen: there's atleast updates in the future, maybe, just maybe that'll improve it somehow

    and the thing that the mods might improve it too

    edited by owner

  • thecomedyhen 26.8.2016
    I enjoyed the game. It did everything I expected. People wanted more story and more stuff to do, but I expected billions of planets that you could fly to an explore. I was more disappointed with arkham knight and every assassins creed , that's the same thing over and over.

    Anyway, awesome strip. And another favourite
  • abrotons 25.8.2016
    very very good
  • Zuber 25.8.2016
    really good
  • Elgar 25.8.2016
    That's for sure! :D
  • firelordA2 25.8.2016
    @Elgar: but it's a good screenshot simulator ;DDD
  • Elgar 25.8.2016
    Awesome job! Great details :) The game looks like a complete waste of time tho :D
  • Stiltsen 25.8.2016

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