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When you look at the stats in SG

firelordA2 on 23. Aug, 2016 — Lang: English

When you look at the stats in SG
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  • dibunt 3.9.2016
    Heh, i'll never be FA and i'm totally fine with it, i care more about the bribs >:D
  • ourWorld_Online 27.8.2016
    Also, never been featured, but I don't really care about it. Have noticed that you pretty much just have to make a lot of strips in a short time frame though to be FA.
  • firelordA2 24.8.2016
    @NeoChomik: wut about b4?
  • NeoChomik 24.8.2016
    Don't be a whiner about it. I never got one myself since i re-made my account.
  • firelordA2 24.8.2016
    @Alexcoffey: nah, I'll probably get a chance this week
  • Elgar 24.8.2016
    Is it really worth it, to be on the front page of the magazine? Hell yes, it is! :D
  • MadameCercle 24.8.2016
    A mon avis, comme vous me semblez being très cool — et vu la superbe qualité de vos images — , vous y serez dès la semaine prochaine.
    (P. Léo Pléonasme)
  • Fabiolars 24.8.2016
    Really? Well you will make A LOT strips, but I think I prefer made nice strips (You made NICE STRIPS) that a lot but not nice strips.
  • Alexpcoffey 24.8.2016
    Aw, I'm sorry, did I STEAL it from you?
    But seriously, nice strip.
    also don't be mad just because i took it from you
  • firelordA2 23.8.2016
    @thecomedyhen: well thanks for the explanation and help :D
  • abrotons 23.8.2016
    i'm not working hard this week
  • thecomedyhen 23.8.2016
    Making a lot for a couple of days will help a lot. If some get bribed it helps more.

    Zuber, edwilder and circuz are out for featured next week because they have been featured recently. You can only be featured once every 6 weeks or so.

    Your competition for featured this week will be between jkmarklin , abrotans and plnktn. So as long as you make more strips than they do you should be featured for next week.
  • firelordA2 23.8.2016
    does making alot for couple of days will count?

    plus maybe I might make couple of detailed ones and couple shorts

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  • EdWilder 23.8.2016
    Dang! When you put it like that...
  • abrotons 23.8.2016
    the commedy is right
    to be FA you have tu publish a lot of strips
  • thecomedyhen 23.8.2016
    Make more strips, it's quite easy now that there's only 5 active users here.


    *Voted for featured

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