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Doing Religion is Not Enough!

Belteshazzer on 17. Aug, 2016 — Lang: English

Doing Religion is Not Enough!
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    There are many people who go to Church like going to a Sweet shop, they pick and mix a bit from here and there and believe they have enough to get them into Heaven?

    The truth is we must seek, admit, comit and not return back into sins, Faith in Jesus, that He has done the work for us, That He died and took our failures on the Cross, Tree, Stake.

    Not because we were good, or deserved it, but that He has had mercy on us!



    Doing Religion is not Enough!

    Mix, Match, Bit, here, There, My, Religion, Gods, Grace, Mery, Forgiviness, Seek, Adimt, Failures, Repent, Confess, Turn, Back, Again, Not, Enough
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