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Fake SG Game Character Sheet: Jesto

NeoChomik on 21. Jul, 2016 — Lang: Polski

Fake SG Game Character Sheet: Jesto
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    I'm really salty from the way Julian treated previous SG Game as a basis for his own version, without consulting major details with me, controlling my character, WHICH IS NOT EVEN IN A GAME YET, in a way that I would not let it.



    Name: Jesto

    Age: Unknown

    Race: Human?

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Weapons: Revolver

    Powers: Godlike - He can do however he pleases

    Joke - Nothing he does is canon
    Fake: this isn't a real character sheet.

    Bio: Jesto Came by and killed Ashley. It was awesome. you should have been there.

    Relationships: Neo - loves to bug. Rudevald - Drinking buddy. X - Rival?

    Buth taht's against ze Rulezz.

    Hey, not my fault the Game Master delivered the game so sloppy.

    NeoChomik, Jesto
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