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Geoviking on 14. Jul, 2016 — Lang: English

325 strips
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    I have to admit,
    I'm fairly depressed
    right now.

    Well, I don't know
    if this will help,
    but . . .

    Think about this: you are a paradox.
    You're "just" a character in a comic strip,
    and yet -- at the same time, you are
    so much more than that. You have
    all these emotions, and drives,
    and you've done all sorts of
    amazing things.

    Jack, you are so much more than the monkey
    I found in Strip Generator's characters/beings section.
    Over the years, you developed a unique personality,
    a unique voice. It's been such a pleasure
    to write your adventures.

    You said it's "been"
    a pleasure --
    does that mean you've
    decided to quit?



    I didn't know
    I was going to say that.


    So you're not in complete
    control. This isn't all
    mapped out, planned out.

    Oh, it's not mapped out at all.
    I didn't write any kind of script
    for this. I just wanted to meet face to face, and then
    see what happens.

    well, shoot, there goes
    my depression.
    Who knows, maybe this
    could be a new beginning
    for both of us?
    Dare I hope?

    Oh, please dare to hope.
    Nothing is written in stone. Maybe I will walk away
    from this, maybe I won't. Maybe there will be a
    fresh start for you, or -- hmmmm -- maybe
    this is the next step in your evolution.
    The next chapter in your life.

    I'll drink to that.

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