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endless horizon or end point?

Geoviking on 13. Jul, 2016 — Lang: English

endless horizon or end point?
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    Let's take a walk, yeah?
    I'll throw some fun things
    into the frames.

    I'd like to see
    your world.

    I know.

    I also brought you here because I've been thinking about quitting --
    quitting my comic strips, quitting my poetry, quitting writing.
    It hasn't gotten me anything. Or anywhere.
    There's a great beast of a novel which
    I'll probably never finish, so why even try?
    Out there in the real world, I have cats,
    and a busy life which includes two jobs.
    Perhaps it would be best to focus on what I have.

    I can't take you there,
    but if I don't quit --
    well, maybe I can write a new strip for you.

    my god, is that
    all I am?
    a character?

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