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to everything a season

Geoviking on 10. Jul, 2016 — Lang: English

to everything a season
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    wait, just a second.
    Am I dreaming?
    Is this a dream?

    No, and no.

    So, why am I here?
    I thought I chose to come here, but if this is real, and you're telling me all this stuff . . .

    Well . . .

    So, no choice?
    No free will?

    I wrote a series of strips where
    you decided to come here because you thought I had writer's block - you wanted to help me. I brought you here, in other words.

    I thought we should meet
    face to face.

    Jack, you're a character in a comic strip.
    It's not a bad thing.

    You may not have free will, but
    you have surprised me --
    again and again. So many times, I planned out some dialog for you, but when I went to put the words in the word balloons,
    they came out totally different.

    And that's because you are unique, with a
    unique voice.
    That's one reason why
    I wanted to talk to you.

    what's the other?

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