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ready to go

Geoviking on 15. Jun, 2016 — Lang: English

ready to go
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    Have you
    seen Rex?

    Oh, I didn't include him in this strip.

    man, you know it freaks me out when you say stuff
    like that.


    Do you know why I created Rex in the first place?

    I'd been living in New York City
    for a very long time. I sort of had to leave, and I sort of wanted to leave. I was exiled, but at the same time -- I exiled myself.
    I wanted to tell that story.

    I had such big ideas! Such grand plans!

    When I started writing Rex's strip, it went well at first, sort of.
    But, after a while, I just -- I just could not find the words. I stared at that blank page, those blank frames -- I don't
    know if it was burnout, or writer's block.
    I knew I had to do something . . .

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