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the waves reach out

Geoviking on 30. May, 2016 — Lang: English

the waves reach out
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    Why would you feel relieved? How is there any way you could feel good about this?

    Well, I've done some bad things in my life. Some stupid things, too.

    Sure, I've done some good things, as well.
    But there were times when I treated someone poorly.
    If I'm not real, then none of the things I've done are real.

    If I'm just a character in a comic strip, then I never really did all those things I feel bad about.

    Plus, you know how I talk about actions and reactions, vibes, and all that stuff.

    It might sound crazy when I talk about it. And my friend Micah does NOT believe in any of this. But.
    But. It's like the world is a pond, and we put out ripples. The things we do, the way we treat people, everything puts out a vibe which goes out into the world, and that's how we generate either good or bad energy, which goes out into the world. That energy goes on to affect the world, in either a good or a bad way.

    If I'm a fictional character in a fictional world, then, nothing
    I did mattered.

    damn, dude, I think you're buying into this.

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