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Deep Bawks

Pen_alias on 26. May, 2016 — Lang: English

Deep Bawks
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    To get to the other side? Well, maybe. I did end up on the other side; there’s no doubt about that. But was that the ultimate purpose or was being on the other side simply an inconsequential result of having crossed the road with some far greater aspiration in mind? Once crossed, the other side is achieved - but was that which was achieved the actual goal?

    After all, not all things accomplished factor into that ever pressing “why“. They are simply the unintended results of…

    She’s just going to keep going on like that, isn’t she?

    Pretty much - let’s go cross a road.

    nothing of importance, chicken
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  • thecomedyhen 27.5.2016
    so thats why they crossed back over the road
  • NeoChomik 26.5.2016
    so that's why they cross a road. in hopes for a car to be saved from this chatter

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