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  • 35sheep 16.8.2011
    Hm - My question drowned in the other thread, before staff had a chance to answer, so I try again:

    Ambrosius has shown us how we can copy and use items from other users libraries without the items being shared.

    To my knowledge this feature/bug has up til yesterday only been used in good fun and in agreement between the users involved. It is now being abused.

    What is the staffs view on this bug being abused/used WITHOUT agreement between the users involved? I.e. one user copying a users library items and using the item without permission and against the other users wish? Is that acceptabel behavior on this site? Some apparantly think it is ...
  • BaalMoloch 16.8.2011
    Absolutely agree.
    I share my items only to friends.
    If a non-friend uses my non-shared items, it is simply hacking!
  • Horatius 16.8.2011
    Agreed. Characters and items you crate should be yours to control.
  • Andraz 16.8.2011
    roger. working on it.
  • qenene 16.8.2011
    I'm agree. Meanwhile, using "Tipp-ex" ;D
  • Zoltar 17.8.2011
    @Qenene Tipp-ex????
  • Zoltar 17.8.2011
    @Horatius the items and characters that users create are done with STOCK elements so, technically, users do not own anything.
  • 35sheep 17.8.2011
    @Andraz: The problem is not the bug. The problem is that some thinks it's ok to abuse it. Just getting rid of the bug won't solve anything ...
  • Andraz 17.8.2011
    35sheep, if there is no opportunity, there is no crime. You are right, of course.
  • qenene 17.8.2011
    it's like to put black (or white) squares.
  • qenene 17.8.2011
    @Zoltar, I disagree you. It's like to say that all the pencil draws are stock draws because they are drawn with stock common pencil's charcoal. But, again, that discussion has been re-opened for a different purpose.
    The stances of each one are clear.
  • Ambrosius77 17.8.2011
    If a non-friend uses my non-shared items, it is simply hacking! #2
    Also it's bug. Or better a bad programming design.

    I shared my method because that's the only way sharing theme pack library items at the moment. It should be allowed right now.

    I warned everybody about the ethical use of it.
    I didn't know that non friends stuffz can be used.
  • rukowski 18.8.2011