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Bug in the titles

in Problems and annoyances

  • eXeLe 4.1.2007
    Le professeur Stump trouve un petit bug dans les titres.
    =(Professor Stump finds a small bug in the titles.)

    Voir: chez eXeLe (2 derniers strips):

    -> Retour de La tortue... Laquel le ? (02.01.2007 23:25)
    Laquelle > Laquel_le

    - > (E05) Je fais un titre vacheme nt long pour voir si (04.01.2007 11:45)
    vachement > vacheme_nt

    [ Please ••• Wait before answering ••• This question will be perhaps translated into English ]
  • eXeLe 4.1.2007
    — Pour klaus: ok, je crois que c'est vu, te fatigue pas.
  • Andraz 4.1.2007
    Ok exele, I have no idea what you are saying here...

    But we know there is a but that some strips refuse to show full screen and the reason lies in titles. That bug will be fixed in a few hours.
  • Zigmund 4.1.2007
    mislm da je fora da neke besede v naslovih kr prelomi.. dal je primer ko je on napisal laquelle, v naslovu pa je potem Laquel le.

    to sem tud sam že opazil
  • JohnnyMcNugget 4.1.2007
    Is there also a bug that no longer shows the author's name after the title (like it used to in the older version?)
  • Andraz 5.1.2007
    Not a bug, a feature :)
  • JohnnyMcNugget 5.1.2007
    I think that a lot of the changes are really helpful, like the rss feed and the rotate feature and new text boxes, but when I try to read the comic in a gallery, the background, even when faded distracts from what I'm reading. Is there not a way to keep the gray background of before? or a solid white?

    btw, thanks for putting up a forum where people can ask questions, I don't want you all to think that all the changes are bad, it's just that some don't seem to serve the comics that people spend time to make.
  • Andraz 6.1.2007
    So if I understand you correctly, you would like a background of the enlarged strip to be less transparent?
  • Andraz 6.1.2007
    We have decreased transparency on the enlarged strip. Any better now?
  • gamestudio 8.1.2007
    In some long titles, a white space is included somewhere near the 30th character... Why does this happen?

    For instance. The title "SGS #5: Becoming a famous designer" became "SGS #5: Becoming a famous design er".

    I guess this was what eXele was trying to point out...
  • klaustrophob 8.1.2007
    gamestudio> "I guess this was what eXele was trying to point out..." > exactly !
  • JohnnyMcNugget 8.1.2007
    RE: decreasing transparency on the enlarged strip.


    When I look now, there is no background behind the strips and I can see half of the orange title, part of other people's comics behind it, and I can't read the title at all. It just becomes difficult to read people's comics in this way, because as you read from panel to panel, your eye catches all this color and background and it really detracts from the comic.

    What about the grey box the strips used to come in? something to mask the background so it doesn't distract from what you're trying to read.
  • JohnnyMcNugget 8.1.2007
    suddenly ie7 allowed the more white background to show. that is an improvement, though now it looks as though the title is gone completely. (??)
  • Andraz 8.1.2007
    Yes, title is gone due to some flash VS javascript problems. It will be back when we get the new stripgenerator out with direct export to bitmap images.