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Maffia '18

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  • Azzie13 22.5.2018
    Who is up for an other maffia game?
    Let me know
    Love Azzie
  • julian724 23.5.2018
    We're already planning on doing an SG game rn, and I can't imagine with the small community we have right now that two games/events on SG could work at the same time.
  • Fizzle 26.6.2018
    It's kinda sad to see the community deteriorate so much over the years. I would love to play it again like old times, but if there's anyone who has no right to complain about inactivity, it's me... :P
  • julian724 12.9.2018
    Again it's more about another event going on. I'd love to play mafia after the SG game is over, especially considering I never got the chance because by the time I came into the scene the Mafia series had stopped. I love the sort of shared cannon SG has.