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Can I print and sell my strips?

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  • julian724 14.1.2018
    I read through the terms and service of SG and saw no mention of weather I actually own the strips I create. I was thinking of printing and selling copies of my comics IRL, but I literally don't know if I'm allowed to. Does anyone know? Does anyone even remember we have forums?
  • Robukka 14.1.2018
    I browsed the forum and found this:
  • julian724 14.1.2018
    It sounds like as long as i dont use any of the stock characters it wouldn't be an issie, since that is the stuff other people own.

    Well shit, i already did that.
  • qenene 16.1.2018
    Anyway, since 2013 the SG characters seems to be opensource.
  • julian724 16.1.2018
    So that means yes?! The dropbox isn't working, but I remember that post from a while ago. So this means that I can legally sell my comics. Good.