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Well this is sad...

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  • Alexpcoffey 19.8.2016
    StripGenerator has been, forgotten about.
    What now
  • OccamsRayzor 24.8.2016
    Well, the site still functions, and you're still here - why don't you make some strips?
    What exactly are you expecting?
  • Alexpcoffey 24.8.2016
    no more updates
    no more new stuff
    have to stick with what we have
    we can still become featured
    we can still make strips
    but nothing is the same
    than 2012 stripgenerator
    or old stripgenerator if thats what they call it these days
  • EdWilder 28.8.2016
    It's sorta like the wild frontier!
  • ourWorld_Online 30.8.2016
    Well there's one major positive and that is that the site is still up and running, which means that somebody is still paying for hosting and the domain. Could be that they payed for multiple years in advance (let's hope that's not the case, because that could run out here soon) or maybe they are actually intentionally keeping the site live. Typically, domain names and hosting work on a yearly basis, but I have seen 3 year and 5 year deals available for slightly lower prices. We've gotta be grateful that this site is still usable even if there are a few problems. It would be cool if they gave/sold somebody the keys to the site so that it could be revamped a little bit. Not sure if there is anybody in the community who could do such a thing, but who knows, maybe there is.
  • Alexpcoffey 1.9.2016
    Let's HOPE one of us becomes rich and keeps this train rolling.

    While we are old, we can become older.
  • Alexpcoffey 6.10.2017
    That awkward moment when you revive a grave.

    In all seriousness, are the StripGenerator creators purposefully keeping the site alive? If so, why are there so many problems? Maybe it's on hold. Another thing is that StripGenerator could just be an archive, but why can we still make comics? The present and future of StripGenerator is up to interpretation here. What do you think?