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The best strip ever!

Elgar on 14. Dec, 2013 — Lang: Česky

The best strip ever!
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  • Fizzle 2.6.2016
  • WolfieWolfs 24.2.2016
  • mansoor 13.2.2016
    nice indeed
  • thecomedyhen 13.2.2016
    2nd time I've clicked your OMG album to find this
  • Elgar 24.7.2014
    The Trollface was originally drawn on September 19th, 2008 by Carlos Ramirez, an Oakland-based artist known by his deviantART nickname Whynne, as part of a MS Paint webcomic about the pointless nature of trolling. I did bring it here (cos there were also some trolls) to point out, that we can take that with humour...and not with swear words :) something like: Two can play this game :D

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  • calm 23.7.2014
    I love you, Elgar, and I just gave this strip your 36th LIKE, but I have to admit--this image is not one of my favorites. I've seen this image on SG here and there. So I am wondering...Where on earth did this image originate?
  • Elgar 27.6.2014
  • qenene 27.6.2014

  • thecomedyhen 27.6.2014
    hahahahahah i clicked here to see your OMG

  • Elgar 22.6.2014
  • Fizzle 22.6.2014
    Hahahahaha although I've been tricked with exactly the same method before, I still unintentionally believed there was a strip rated OMG here. xD
  • JUma 21.5.2014
    oh again! i fall every time!lol
  • chris_humel 18.5.2014
    eat le spam and le die troll.
  • syke 26.4.2014
  • Brezhoneg 12.4.2014
  • DerkBoy 22.3.2014
    that is the best answer on evrey question :)
  • gregheffleydude1 27.2.2014
    Did you create that???!!! Dang dude, that looks real!
  • Elgar 12.2.2014
    Cos he's obviously trolling you :D
  • stihl 12.2.2014
    why is it in the booklet called OMG's ?
  • stihl 30.1.2014
    hehe :)

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