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Ant Hill: Page 6

benjamin895 on 11. Jan, 2014 — Lang: English

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Ant Hill: Page 6
  • Description

    Part 6

    This strip is a reply to Ant Hill: Page 3, Ant Hill: Page 4, Ant Hill: Page 5



    haha. you're funny. My name is Sebation.

    Oh, well i was looking for a place to hide from the rain.
    But when i looked up, i was inside a droplet.
    Floating, in the fast lane!

    I was going so fast, the world was on sale.
    On a big red mushroom, i found myself. With a face, oh, so pale.
    Next to a little blue ant i sat, this little, green snail.

    Wow.. Me too! i wish my family was here to meet you.
    I hope they are ok. I better
    be getting home now. i hope
    i remember the way.
    Now, how do we get down from here?

    Jump? haha ok. After three.
    1. 2.. 3!


    Hehe. Sorry for screaming Sebation. i got a little fright. But you appeared out of nowhere, like the speed of light!

    As the water began to recede,
    little blue could finally exhale.
    He had found himself a new friend,
    and his new friend was a snail.

    My name is Eric.

    How did you end up on this mushroom Sebastian?



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