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hey lenny 196

benjamin895 on 22. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

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hey lenny 196
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    kangas by baalmoloch!!:)

    in australia it's called a spanner but i know in many northern hemisphere countries it's called a wrench..

    remember kids, stay in school and don't do drugs.. or do whatever you want i don't care, just have fun:D

    This strip is a reply to hey lenny 195



    oh my god, you two are so adorable!

    HAha.. so, you guys wanna be in 'hey lenny'?

    hell yeah! we love 'hey lenny'!!

    yeah, it's our favourite comic! check this out..

    hey lenny, how cold is it today?

    yeah, it is cold. it's real spanner (or wrench) weather..

    ..spanner weather?

    yeah, spanner weather....

    you know, the kind of weather that will really tighten your nut

    we'll be right back, after these messages..

    HA! that was brilliant! you guys are

    that's right mr, ADORABLE!

    adorable? you can be adorable, im a bad ass! hi ladies..


    oh.. ummm. gulp! stay in school kids and don't do drugs! hehe err grr..

    hey, lenny, baalmoloch, kangaroo, joey, hi, ladies
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