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It's So Unsatifying That Way!

Horatius on 24. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

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It's So Unsatifying That Way!
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    I was sent to check out a Truther who might have finally found the smoking gun on 9/11.

    Hey, I hear some guy has shown that the NWO planted thermite in the WTC Towers, by hiding it inside fake UPS systems they installed in one of their globalist banks!

    Cool story, Bro!

    Yes, this could be a problem...

    It wasn't looking good, like all our plans were about to be exposed!

    Oh, it's cool alright! It's got it all! Secret plans, subterfuge, mass murder, terrorism, fire, explosions, and best yet, absolute proof we could use to convince even the worst skeptics!

    Awesome, dude! So what do we do now?

    Yes, "Dude"; what do you do now?

    I lay in wait, waiting to hear what plans they had in store for us! Seconds dragged like hours!

    Come on, come on, give me a reason!

    And that's when you realized...


    More Cheetos(tm)?



    Did we just win by default?

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