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Chicken of The Sea

Pen_alias on 16. Aug, 2011 — Lang: English

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Chicken of The Sea
  • This strip is a reply to Raccoons At Sea



    Seven days out to sea and in as many days we’d seen neither hide nor feather of Captain Ahen. Until, on one eerily calm afternoon, the sound of uneven footsteps was heard emerging from below deck…

    Thump, thump...

    Thump, thump...

    Avast ye hearties! I seeks the white raccoon!

    You picked an odd place to look for it.

    ‘Tis a seafaring raccoon!

    Oh…wherefore seekest thou-est the white raccoon… -est?

    Ease up on the ye olde talk; you haven’t the knack for it.

    Sorry. So, what did the white raccoon do to make your list captain?

    That scurvy dog made off with my…

    Your leg?

    No, my egg!

    Oh…I see…

    If you don’t mind my asking, what did happen to your leg?

    What, are you writing a book? I ate it! I was hungry; I had the batter and the oil and…look, no more questions!

    chicken, nothing of importance
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