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Portal: The Forgoten Test Subject

Similau on 17. Jan, 2013 — Lang: English

Portal: The Forgoten Test Subject
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    A new series I am making from the awesome video game franchise, Portal. Yes, it features me, I'll see what and who I'll put in the series later on. Also, I am posting the series on Facebook on a page called Epic Gamers, made by some of my Xbox Live friends. So be sure to like this page! :)

    This strip is a reply to Think with portals



    P rtal: The forgoten test-subject

    Portal, Portal FTS, Similau
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  • julian724 2.5.2013
    u used the reportal cheet
  • kennyreid 28.4.2013
    never played this game, but sdly i know almost everything about it, im a sucker for pointless research, so be interesting to see any easter eggs u sneak in
  • scorpion6782 21.1.2013
    Pretty much anything valve produces in general is great! Looking forward to this!
  • thecomedyhen 18.1.2013
    Looking forward to it :) love the game
  • NeoChomik 17.1.2013
    Portal is good game
  • stihl 17.1.2013
    cool :)
  • opeluna1 17.1.2013
  • Similau 17.1.2013
    @Paco: I know, but it was espacially to test the concept and for a poster for the front page of the booklet I'll make.
  • abrotons 17.1.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 17.1.2013
    A portal is something else than a mirror :P. But cool that you're doing the series. I really like portal. You made tthe glA-D0s logo very well btw.

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