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Ni neu

abrotons on 2. Jan, 2011 — Lang: Euskara

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Ni neu
  • Description

    Hello, at last and after 86 comics, here I am, bald and with sidebars.
    My wife says I'm more handsome with a hat, but I always loose them. We have a pretty strong wind over here.
    I teach English at an adult's school.
    Ahh, and I play the bass, at home, alone. I don't think my family enjoys it. My neighbours, well I'd rather not know what they think about it!
    Goodbye, have a nice time and see you.

    This strip is a reply to Berrogeita hamabost urte.



    Kaixo, azkenean, 86 komiki ondoren, ni neu nago hemen. Burusoila eta belarrondoko bizarrekin.

    Emaztearen ustez, kapelan ederragoa nago, baina beti galtzen ditut. Haize galanta dugu hemen.

    My hairdresser isn't rich.

    Ingeles irakaslea naiz helduen hezkuntza ikastetxean.

    Ahh, eta baxua jotzen dut, etxean, bakarrik. Ez dut uste familiari gustatzen zaienik. Etxekonekoei ez dut jakin nahi.

    Agur, ondo ibili eta ikusi arte...

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  • bigD123 8.6.2016
    such entrateint
  • Veronique 26.2.2013
  • Veronique 5.2.2013
  • Zuber 20.5.2012
    so cool!
    and thanks for the translation

    edited by owner

  • Fiolet 17.5.2012
    Although I have no idea what's going on, I do read the description, and it's nice to know you more. That you're so.. open in this. That's great!
  • ryoko 3.1.2011
    I like you even more now! I teach math at a highschool, and I am not bald. I have many hats but I forget to wear them. I was once a hairdresser, and I was not rich either...
  • Maoriman 3.1.2011
    That's a brilliant self introduction... Faved!
  • bluesockmonkey 2.1.2011
    kudos to your hairdresser--i think you look very distinguished. Bah on neighbors who don't appreciate home-grown music (mine have to put up with my concert ukulele, & are very nice about it)!

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