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Freaks & Creeps!

dawg123 on 23. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

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Freaks & Creeps!
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    School is now in session!

    "Freaks & Creeps!" will be the name of this new series I am doing it will be more of a cartoon style series. They will have different stories and names as if it was an episode. It wont be finished in one long stip it will take several parts for each story. "Freaks & Creeps!" will be a funny and dark series some of these kids past and living style are horrible so there will be at times when it gets dark,sad and serious. This will be showing a story them being friends having the time of their lives enjoying youth but not everyday is like that. I am really going to put my FULL effort to make this the most original,creative, and entertaining series. I already have some episodes I will be doing along the way but if any of you guys have any ideas you would like to see them get into then I could possibly do it. I also will be making more characters along the line but the others wont be part of the main story or the gang. For example I still have to make their teacher,principle,bullies,hot girls they have a crush on, etc. I hope the SG community will enjoy this and cant wait to see what mischief will go on. I am very proud to announce Chuck Wood Junior High will be opening soon!
    A poster of the gang and hope you enjoy!

    This strip is a reply to The Dead Loner



    Chuck Wood Junior High




    Mike aka Zack




    Dawg Prod.

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