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CM 7.5-nova arma?O_O

wandemberg on 11. Dec, 2012 — Lang: English

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CM 7.5-nova arma?O_O
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    me ensina como fazer??/teach me how to do??

    não posso/I can't

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  • Drachir 12.12.2012
    Worry free, sweet smelling, easy to apply
    Hours of protection, keeps you dry
    Spray it on, roll it on, spit it on, wipe it on
    Rub it on, splash it on, put it on, get it on
    Your perspiration zone

    When you exercise, do you draw flies?
    Then run out and buy some
    Tear out and get some
    Search around and find some
    You gotta have some
  • wandemberg 12.12.2012
  • cirkuz 11.12.2012
    nothing like the smell of freshly roasted zombie in the morning...

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