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Swirls :D

Azzie13 on 3. Aug, 2013 — Lang: No text

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Swirls :D
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    Swirls here , there everywhere. :D
    Back from vacation guys and girls. I got two weeks or so before my internship starts as teacher for children from 10 to 11.. I am looking forward to that. A week later my real school begins. A new schoolyear a new avatar. Maybe soon a goddess? :p Goddess of Swirls :D
    So fast summary. Two weeks vacation left so time for SG :D

    This strip is a reply to Pencil swirl
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  • abrotons 22.11.2013
    no words for this!
  • JRMarklin 6.8.2013
    Nice to have vacation, I remember when I was a student and eagerly waited holidays
    Que bueno tener vacaciones, recuerdo cuando era estudiante y esperaba las vacaciones con ansias
  • paco_de_pinda 5.8.2013
    What is that? It's not Xmas already, Azzie! ;D But pretty work. I noticed that your avatar has a normal sized head, that's original for SG characters. I mean..
    <-- look at this big head >_<
  • calm 5.8.2013
    So pretty, Azzie! :-)
  • asfaltocaldo 4.8.2013
    very cool image, like the portrait and the swirly bground
  • Veronique 3.8.2013
    Awesome job Azzie!
  • Fabiolars 3.8.2013
    Wow! So colorful!
  • Quag54 3.8.2013
    Wow, very exciting !
  • 35sheep 3.8.2013
  • stihl 3.8.2013
    very nice :)
  • opeluna1 3.8.2013
  • thecomedyhen 3.8.2013
    Swirly, welcome back

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