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ray of light

Geoviking on 15. Oct, 2012 — Lang: English

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ray of light
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    And so it begins.



    Hi, short version
    of a short story
    -- I'm here to
    fix your ceiling.

    Um, what's the
    long version?

    double click to write...

    Hi. I'm Sienna.
    My grandmother
    lives in this

    She told me to get my tools and get over here, but don't
    worry it's not free --
    all of you need to help me carry the drywall up those stairs and then help me
    install it all.


    Relax, I'm a contractor,
    I know what I'm doing.
    So let's go!
    It takes a village,
    and all of that sort of thing.

    I thought the
    expression was
    -- it takes a
    village, people.

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