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stardust 25

Geoviking on 31. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

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stardust 25
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    stardust chapter 25
    "seven seas of rhye"

    Know what I miss?
    Getting up in the morning and making
    instant coffee.

    My ex-husband is - was - such a
    coffee snob. Had a machine for it, bought expensive stuff. Me, I just boil water on the stove. Well, I used to, before the world
    fell apart.


    Should I be talking about him?

    I like these glimpses into your life Before.

    But that stuff's tough for you,
    yeah? We can always talk
    about something else.

    I can't believe
    how young
    you are.

    Is that a problem?

    Not at all.
    It's just --

    Everything is
    these days.
    Might as well
    go with
    the flow.

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