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Operation Humiliation

Horatius on 7. Jul, 2011 — Lang: English

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Operation Humiliation
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    For the duration of this operation, all other NWO plans are put on hold. Successful completion of Operation Humilitation is not just our Number One Priority, it's our ONLY Priority!

    Hello everybody, and welcome to the first planning briefing for the upcoming Operation Humiliation.

    As you can see, we're deploying into the area of operations via our UFO base at Area 51.

    We should be able to arrive unnoticed due to the confluence of bright lights and heavy alcohol intake in the designated landing zone.

    After deploying, the Minions break into teams to track down the target, while myself and NSA Kitty prep the "Welcoming Reception".

    After the target is located, we re-group at Position Alpha, and and begin Stage Two of Operation Humiliation: The Smack Talk.

    If all goes according to plan, Surfer Chick will never know what hit her!

    Is he really planning to use the full resources of a Vast Evil Conspiracy to win a Beer Bet in Vegas?


    Happens every damn year.

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  • calm 12.7.2012
    Haha...brilliant briefing of the operation! :-)
  • terwallace 8.7.2011
    Wait, you mean there's someone out there who WOULDN'T Use the full resources of an evil conspiracy to settle a beer bet in Vegas?
  • TehDemonicTutor 7.7.2011
  • SnakeYukin 7.7.2011
    What a waste of resources... there's a ton of other things it could be wasted on.
  • Horatius 7.7.2011
    Noonie: Same conference as last year, same poker tournament. Happens every damn year :D
  • dawg123 7.7.2011
    Hahahaa yes must win the beer bet
  • bluesockmonkey 7.7.2011
    no effort should be spared in winning beer bets!!

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