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stardust 9

Geoviking on 19. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

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stardust 9
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    stardust chapter 9
    "ridin' the storm out"

    Well, guys, bad news.
    I came from Albany.

    Most everyone fled when things got bad. The roads leading out
    got clogged up with cars, either
    wrecked or abandoned.

    The looting was intense.
    People got into deadly fights
    over bread and water.
    Hoarding led to violence.
    Buildings were set on fire.

    Cops, firefighters, and a few
    volunteers were able to maintain order, in some areas.
    Eventually, they had a "safe zone" carved out in the middle of Downtown. It lasted two weeks, long enough for someone to go on the radio and tell the rest of New York that Albany was the place to be.

    When the safe zone fell
    to the Infected, that's when
    I headed out, alone.

    I saw a squad of soldiers
    sweeping through the city,
    shooting everything that moved.

    You don't want to go to Albany.

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