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stardust 8

Geoviking on 16. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

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stardust 8
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    Stardust chapter 8
    "with autumn closing in"





    So all this time
    I've been either walking or driving, going south
    to Manhattan.
    I figured things
    HAD to be better there.

    Not at all!
    There are gangs running wild and
    thousands of the Infected everywhere.

    It's total chaos,
    we barely got out
    with our lives!

    It was way beyond Apocalypse Now,
    watching everything fall apart and everyone
    -um - change.

    Well, shit.

    All three of us came from the city.
    You don't want to go there.
    We're heading to Albany, - for now we're camping out -

    It's called

    - in a bar, but we're leaving soon

    The Infected.
    No one knows why
    nearly everyone got sick.

    No one knows why some people
    (a few? many?) were immune.

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