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stardust 5

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stardust 5
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    Stardust chapter 5

    Yonkers. August, 1988.

    Know what's funny?
    The world fell apart before I could.

    I was all set to quit my job and leave my small apartment. I had no money saved up, no skills (other than those of office manager) and yet
    I was going to live in a cabin
    in the woods, like Thoreau.
    Or, I was going to Tibet to be
    a buddhist, or I was going to find
    a small town in New Mexico where
    I would make clay pots and stuff.

    Then people started getting
    . . . sick. All of a sudden,
    I was waaaaay too busy
    just surviving to have my little
    daydreams of "falling apart"
    or "losing it."

    Then things got Really Bad.



    I always get lost
    in thought and this
    always happens.



    oh, crap.
    where's the gun,
    where's the gun.

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