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stardust 4

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stardust 4
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    Stardust chapter 4
    "heading north"

    August, 1988

    I was living in Manhattan when it happened, when people began to, um, change.
    I tried to stay, hoping, well, you know - we were all hoping
    things would get better or,
    um, get fixed somehow.

    Yeah. We were in the city, too. We met by accident - both of us running from something.
    Crashed right into each other.
    So how did you get out?
    We just started walking.

    Before they went off the air,
    people on the radio said that Albany was the place to go, that the government had it set up nice and safe.
    So, I just grabbed some clothes and books and started heading north.

    We heard the same thing.
    We figured we'd camp out here a bit, then head up and
    see what's going on.

    We also figured that a bar was a great place to hide out until we're ready to go. Plenty of beer and liquor and there's a pool table.

    bar & grill

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  • abrotons 16.6.2012
    yeah, you can play...silly people
    can't they seee?
  • Quag54 1.6.2012
    A bar is a wonderful place to hang out even during a
    major world crisis.

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