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stardust 11

Geoviking on 23. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

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stardust 11
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    Stardust chapter 11

    September 1st, 1988.

    So why Yonkers? I know you guys were heading to Albany - why stop here on the way?

    My parents
    were here.

    I -

    It's cool,
    you didn't know.
    I lived here.
    This was
    my home.

    I was in Manhattan -
    in July - visiting some friends.
    I was supposed to start
    NYU in the fall.

    That's why I wasn't here.

    When we got here -
    and we found them -


    Jacob was great, he really helped me stay sane. I damn near lost it.

    You won't believe it - a big, yellow school bus is
    driving around outside.
    There are more people!

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