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stardust 1

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stardust 1
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    Stardust chapter 1
    "Rock n Roll never forgets."

    A bar in Yonkers, New York.

    August, 1988.

    Well, it's noon.
    Good time for a beer,
    I guess.

    So, I mapped out our future. We should start a rock and roll band.

    There's no electricity.

    Dream killer.

    So, we find a generator.
    Or, we go acoustic.
    And/or we bring back folk music. Yes! That
    could happen.

    You could be the next Dylan.
    Too bad I'm really terrible at
    playing guitar.

    So you say.
    I need proof!

    Today, when we look for food, we'll find a guitar, too.

    And now the day
    is mapped out.

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  • abrotons 16.6.2012
    so this is the beginning
  • Quag54 25.5.2012
    starving musicans ?

    edited by owner

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