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What I've Learned From Games: Part 1

SnakeYukin on 30. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

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What I've Learned From Games: Part 1
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    Ah, games. They are so fun to play, but there are just certain things about them that don't add up. Obviously there's a lot, but trying to make them in stripgenerator is a different thing.

    In the first panel, if you can't infer, the red dots are bullet holes: not acne. I know, it may seem like it's acne, but it's the only way I knew how to infer he had been shot in the face. Apparently he was shot while doing work and none of the blood got on the monitor... weird, I know. Also, if you think there's no chair, you're wrong. There's a small stool that's just about the same height as the boss, so it can't be seen. I know, great excuse.

    For the last panel... do you think the sword is big enough? I was thinking of making it bigger and go off panel, but that would be more over the top than needed... as if an old man holding a sword three times his size with one hand and saying his old sword is bigger (innuendo) than that one isn't over the top enough. Though I was also thinking of having him be a master and passing the sword off to a little kid, but that's what the other parts are for.

    Also... people... you should be happy I have some background for these scenes instead of just a blank background. Though the second one is kinda blank if you think about it.

    Anyways, if you have any tips to make anything better, let me know. Await for part 2 sometime in the future... probably not the next comic.

    What I've Learned From Games: P
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