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Secure Password

QuickRedFox on 4. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

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Secure Password
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    How to choose a highly secure password for your social profiles.



    Meet clueless boy. Clueless boy is your average gum-chewing, ipod-carrying, baseball-cap-sporting teenager who just so happens to be available for this strip.

    Today, we are going to teach clueless boy how to select a secure password for his social-media account subsciptions bonanza....
    It's sort of a recurring thing.


    The first thing to do, is choose a simple, easy to memorize keyword that you have no trouble spelling. Go ahead clueless boy, choose a word,
    It can be anything!


    Very good, now open up a terminal and at the prompt type "md5 -s banana" which should result in something like this: 72b302bf297a228a75730123efef7c41


    Great! You've successfuly generated a new, highly secure password. Now, all is left for clueless boy to do is invent a simple mnemonic to help him remember his password.

    Seventy-two browns redirected boyfriend ...

    In order to get an even more secure password. Simply re-do the steps starting at square #4 but this time instead of "banana", use your mnemonic.

    Click here if you forgot your password.

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